I have always been kind and loving with anyone choosing to live their true selves. This can be difficult with the judgment of others in the world. Whether you are secretly bisexual, love women’s clothes or dream of being a beautiful sissy boy, I am the lady to guide you. I love providing online sissy training. During our time together I can help you realize your true feminine self.

This can be a tough time as you are learning to embrace your feminine side. There is nothing wrong with being you, I get it. I love being a girl. Make-up, beautiful lingerie, sexy clothes and hot boys wanting us, what is not to love?! Along with embracing this feminine side, you have much to learn if you are going to succeed at it.

My Online Sissy Training is like no other!

Therefore, it is in your best interest to work with many as much as possible as you are taking on your new persona. Together we will delve into your past and present to best understand what is making you change for this sexy sissy boy. Then we will make sure you are walking into this new personality with confidence and grace. Once you are ready, the final touches are the material items.

Now, many sissy boys are searching for humiliation and domination. I understand if that is what they need, I am providing that too. My goal with my fetish phone sex is being who my callers need. I am in love with nurturing my sissy bitches but I will happily whip that ass and make you bow down to your goddess if you need that side of me. Making you my little sissy bitch is my pleasure too!

Of course, there isn’t anything I won’t do during our calls.

If you want this strong MILF teaching you how to be a sissy slut, we can do that. If you are worthy of my time, we will go through all the stages of transitioning into the naughtiest of sissies. Using online sissy training, every new step towards being a pretty sissy boy will be interesting and educational. I will show you how to entice the men with your sexy mouth and tight little hole.

We will have them lining up to play with you. So many men are looking for sissies to play with. They crave the power they are receiving from ruling over you and your weaknesses. These guys are real men, unlike you. You are truly a woman inside. That is okay too. I want you to know there is nothing wrong with being a girl inside.

Once I help you embrace your inner girl, life is going to be very interesting.

One thing I want you to know, being a sissy is perfectly fine. That is why I love training sexy bitches like you. Spending time together, delving into your world so we can do what is best for you. Everyone is different and has a path to follow. When you call me, we will go over all the things you have been curious about and then we will begin the transition.

Sometimes I enjoy being the Immoral Mommy Seducing the virgin neighbor boys. Let me tell you, they are so inexperienced, I have to lead the way every time. These boys are so naive and willing to do anything a sexy MILF tells them to do. The new neighbor’s son was so young and sexy. Bright blue eyes, sandy brown hair and those sexy lips. He is a pro using those lips still to this day.

Now, let’s get back to my sissy boys.

Once you are fully dolled up, I am going to bring in the hottest men I can find. Men that are anxious for some playtime with a sexy sissy like you. You are wearing a beautiful slit skirt, satin blouse with a low neckline, underneath, you have on satin, silk, and lace. Your lingerie alone will turn their dicks rockhard. Your goal today is seducing them. I want you sitting close, using your hands on their bodies to start turning them on. As their cocks are getting hard, you are going to help them undress.

Once those clothes are off, I want you to show them your amazing skills at sucking dick. Using your hands, lips, and tongue, driving them over the edge. From there, so many things are going to happen. To learn what they are, you need to call me. I have no limits and we will have the time of our lives during my online sissy training!

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