I found the biggest Cuckold loser ever online, I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off when I saw him.

He never planned on a cuckold hook up, but that’s what he got.
He has a profile on a hookup site but I’m guessing I’m the only one who’s messaged him because he’s something else. He’s in his early 40’s and looks it, with a baby beer belly and thinning hair. He posted a ton of pics.  He’s naked in most of them like he’s proud of his barely average dick.
Reading what he wrote he sounded so smug, like he was the greatest thing ever and women would be lucky to get with him. So I had to fuck with him and make him my Cuckold.
 I got in touch and we talked for a bit then figured out when to meet.
He was so excited and horny that I felt a bit bad. He wasn’t going to get fucked in the way that he thought he would.
When he got there I took him into the bedroom and stripped him, taking his clothes off piece by piece as I ran my hands over soft body and murmuring that I had been dying to fuck him all day.
 Pushing him down on the bed I let him watch as I took my clothes off. I gasped as I squeezed my tits and slid my fingers over my pussy, letting my clothes drop to the floor. I crawled on the bed, leaning over him as I flicked my tongue over his nipple and told him I wanted to do something nasty tonight.
 His dick was hard and he nodded as I grabbed a pair of handcuffs off the bedside table. And used them to secure him to the headboard. I then went to the kitchen where Jordan had been hiding and brought him to the bedroom. Chris asked who he was and tried to get up but couldn’t and he started trying to get out of the handcuffs.
I was ready for some embarrassing sex stories.
I laughed and smacked him hard on his thigh, making him jump and told him to relax, he was going to have an amazing night. He got a bit pissed off and told me to let him go now or else which I didn’t like because I’m the one in charge here so I took a ball gag out of my drawer and shoved it in his mouth. I made sure it was on tight then went back to Jordan.
Helping Jordan get undressed Chris rattled his handcuffs and yelled at me through his gag. I wish he’d shut up, I was going to make sure he got some action too.
 Laying down next to him I pulled Jordan on top of me so he could see us and started making out with him.
I ran my fingers through his hair.  We kissed and I made sure to moan loud enough for Chris to hear it. My pussy was soaking wet and I threw my legs open then reached down, wrapping my hand around his dick.
I lifted my hips up, guiding him into me as Cuckold Chris settled down and started watching us. My pussy squeezed him.  Then he shoved the last few inches in and I dug my nails into his back. This was so much better than cuckold phone sex. I was ready to explode.
Jordan began fucking me. His dick sliding in and out with hard, smooth thrusts and my tits bounced as I gasped and groaned. I rolled my hips up, trying to get him in deeper as he panted on top of me. We kept going, turning into a hot, sweaty mess and when he came  I was hoping for a big load.
When he pulled out of me I tried to keep as much of it in me because I needed it for Chris.

Sweet Phone Sex