One Night Stand Impregnation

I knew going to that party would be a crazy story in the morning. I’ve known him forever, he was friend’s with my boyfriend and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been caught cock gazing. A few drinks in me on top of a few shots, fuck it….I’m about to have a one night stand, where’s the nearest bedroom?

We both stumble into the bedroom, whose house are we at again? He’s kissing me, licking me, fuck he can’t even keep his hands off me. He’s pulling my skirt down and ripping my stockings from me, CLICK goes the lock. He unzips his jeans and his cock just bounces out completely ready for me. A one-night stand with a big dick, yes, please!

He immediately presses himself into me, his shaft between my pussy lips. Ooooh shit he’s a biter, my kind of guy! I like it rough, I told him with my eyes and he absolutely did not hesitate. I wrapped my legs around him after the first plunge into my pussy. Fuck, I forgot how much fun drunk sex was. He grabbed my tits in his hand and squeezed them until my nipples were hard. He sucked and licked as I came time after time on his cock. I felt his cock twitch inside me and he pumped into me harder.

“I’m not on birth control or anything so just cum on tits…or my face ok?” I managed to get out as he fucked me deeper.

“Perfect. Keep your legs right there.” He replied.

My legs were still wrapped around him, I tried to lower them, I had a feeling this one-night stand is coming to an end soon. It was to late! He grabbed my legs and pulled them back around him, and held them there only fucking faster and faster.

“Wait NO, not inside me, no I don’t want to get pregnant!”

A grunt followed by a groan and the feeling of being filled with cum, he forced his seed into me, a very unwanted cream pie! A woman knows the instant she’s pregnant. Fuck I do not need this right now! I froze, not knowing what would happen if I moved. He wiggled out of me and as he was walking to the bathroom to clean up he said “There, take that back to your boyfriend.”

What do I do now?!

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