Welcome to one of my best sex stories ever!!

Hi there Mr. Horny Man are you ready for another one of my Amazing Sex Stories? I would love to tell you all about what happened to me just a few days ago! You see one of my ex-boyfriends came to me and told me that they would like to hold an auction with all of their friends and auction me off to one of the highest bidders!


I’m game for anything, and so I told him, let’s do it! He called up all of his friends and invited them over to my place, you should have seen all the people that showed up!

I couldn’t believe all of the people who wanted to try for their chance with cute little me! IT was amazing! Yet, I will never forget one of the faces I saw in the crowd though… I’d seen him on cam several times. He was one of my regular callers, I knew he was from the same city as I, But I couldn’t believe that was him sitting there in front of me.

Gawking and watching…. That’s when I realized how much trouble I had gotten myself into! This guy had Dom’ed me on the phone many times and he was sitting right in front of me, Paddle in hand ready to bid.  Although I knew when I saw him how this was going to go!

As the numbers climbed I kept seeing his hand raised, over and over again. I knew then my fate, that I was going to be his. As they climbed higher and higher others dropped out. Consequently, he sat there with his eyes fixed on me, watching me.

Then it was over, and he was making his way towards me. I stood there frozen unable to move.  Just watching him climb the stairs, therefore putting him just inches from my face, I could feel his warm breath on the side of my neck as he Whispered….

Finally!! Let’s Play!

Hot Phone Sex