I am loving college. There are always fun things going on and keeping me busy. This weekend I am going home to see my family. I was thinking I would go home more but life so busy here at school, I rarely get home now. I am getting excited to see my mom, stepdad, my sister and little brother, Derek. He is officially my stepbrother but I see him as my brother. Even though, he has always had this older step-sister sex fantasy thing with me.

I am packing like I am going home forever but it is only for a few days. My parents are having a party to have all my friends over. That is going to be interesting and naughty. We all love playing together and I am learning all kinds of new things to show my old friends. The plane is leaving in three hours and I am nervous. It is going to be fun seeing everyone.

Especially Derek, with his older step-sister sex fantasy thoughts roaming through his young brain.

I am naughty and always have been. My younger sister and I have a close relationship. Our Bisexual Sister Incest is a relationship to go down in the history books. I was dating Tyler. He and I thought we were alone until we heard a noise. It was Brittany sneaking into my room. We blow Tyler’s mind and his cock all while pleasing each other.

Maybe that is why I love the way Derek has his older step-sister sex fantasy about me. Our family is open to all kinds of things. It is just he is so young and impressionable. I can’t imagine having sex with that little dweeb currently but who knows, maybe one day.

The plane is landing and I have butterflies!

As I am coming through the airport, I am hearing my name. There is my silly family with signs, yelling for me. Oh, my, gosh, I am so happy to be home! I run to my mom, hugging her. Then a big kiss with my sister. Dad is there, and as I turn my head, I see Derek walking up. Wow, he is a grown man! He comes running up, swinging me around in a huge hug.

I am staring at him in shock. He is sexy as hell. Tall, built, and handsome. When could this have happened? Have I been gone this long? I ask him that and he laughs and says, “It just happened all of sudden.” Dad and Mom shrug, laughing at how quickly he is becoming a man. All of a sudden that older step-sister sex fantasy is feeling like a great idea.

On the way home, we stop and have dinner.

So much is happening in their lives now. It is exciting hearing all the amazing stuff going on. Of course, any naughty stories they tell me or that we have, I am all about sharing those with my guys during my Taboo Phone Sex. If you didn’t know, I have NO LIMITS! This kinky girl is up for any fun you bring me. I also love domination, fantasy role-plays and I am a Sensual Hypnosis Expert.

Once we are home, Derek and I are hanging out in my room. We start wrestling and soon we are kissing. He is an incredible kisser and my pussy is wet in no time. He stops longing enough to go lock the door and we are back at it. Before I know it, my clothes are on the floor. Soon, I am on my knees pulling out his huge young cock.

This is a blowjob of love baby.

I take that dick deep into my mouth, showing him what a real cock socking is like. He is moaning, grabbing my hair as I work that cock. He is getting undressed as we are moving to my bed. This moment is surreal. I did not see this coming on this trip but I am so happy it is happening. I am laying on my back as he goes in to eat my pussy.

Of course, he is fucking amazing at eating pussy! Soon, he is coming up my body and placing his lips on mine. I can taste my juices as are tongues are touching. At this point, I am on fire and want that cock inside me. Are you getting hard? I bet you want to know how good the sex was! Good, call me for the rest of the details. I will give you every last nasty drop of information when you call.

Older Step-Sister Sex Fantasy