Older Men Do It Better & You Can’t Prove Me Otherwise

Older men do it better. You know it, and I know it. Believe me when I say this, I have been with many men but nothing compares to the feeling of mature hands running all over my body. Older men just know what do and have the confidence to do it with. So when I met my latest fling I knew he would be what I had been looking for.

Obviously he is an older man. Handsome and always wearing a suit, at least that’s how I like to imagine him at all times. How we met really doesn’t even matter. It’s really what happened next that let me know I would be his. After texting for awhile we decided it was time to meet up again. He invited me to his place and I was eager to meet him again. I was eager to be with him alone. Whatever happened it didn’t matter to me. After a nice dinner that he prepared things started getting a bit steamy. He started getting close to me. So close I could hear his breathing and I liked it. Then, he went in for a kiss.

I won’t lie, I am not much of a kisser at times but it was different with him. His passionate kisses made me so wet. He didn’t do anything but press his lips against mine and I could already feel myself dripping. I knew then I wanted him. I straddled him and we continued making out. He held me tight as I felt his cock get hard through his pants. Older cock is the best cock and I wanted his inside already. Those were not his intentions though, not before he made me cum a few times.

He flipped me around, still sitting on his lap but facing the came direction he was. He opened my legs wide and pushed his fingers inside me. His mature hands running up and down my legs only made me more excited. He whispered in my ear and made me watch his fingers go in and out of my tight young pussy. After that, I begged him to fuck me cumming one last time on his hard cock while he filled me up.
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