I’m all about older men, young men, girls my age, and everything else! To me age is just a number and I don’t discriminate because they might be older or younger. During my many jobs, this one place had the sexiest older gentlemen I’ve ever seen! He must have been in his late  fifties, but he so didn’t look it. He wore fitted dress shirts so you know he worked out since his biceps would fill out the shirt’s sleeves and he must have taken really good care of his skin because he hardly had any wrinkles. I was a temp secretary at his law firm and by the look of his tight pants, his bulge was pretty big (or so I thought those first few weeks on the job).
Every morning, he’d come in and always great me with his amazing smile (he had a grin like George Clooney, as well as his salt and pepper hair – more salt, though). During my third week on the job, he started coming in with my favorite coffee after always seeing it on my desk and it totally made my morning. To thank him, I’d wear unbutton my work blouse a few button to let my huge boob peel out just enough where it was still considered “office appropriate.” And I knew he enjoyed the peep show since he’d always come out throughout the day to talk to me when my shirt was unbutton like so.

The weeks went on and we played this little game, flirting here and there. Nothing serious was happening and I was enjoying our little games until finally my six-month temp job was about to end. It was my last week and before my last day, he’d always say how much he’d miss me and my “work” when I was gone. Finally, on my late day there, I purposely did my work slow so that I could stay late because I knew he would be, too. When everybody else had left, I walked into his office and told him how much I appreciated him as a boss. I ended it with a motion to go in and hug him and he stood up to accept my embrace. But instead of hugging him, I totally rushed him and stuck my tongue in his mouth. He was shocked, but then grabbed my ass, so I knew he was down to fuck.
Our kissing session got hot and heavy and before we knew it, we were on top of his desk dry humping. He placed his hand up my skirt and started to massage my clit and started to bang me hard. He started with one finger and then slipped two, and asked if I wanted more. Of course I did and grabbed his pants and told him I wanted his cock instead. He then wiggled out of his pants and I hiked up my skirt and then we were at it. His cock ended up being huge – just as I thought, and, man, did he know how to work it. It must have been his age because he knew exactly how fast and deep I wanted it. I moaned with pleasure and we ended up both cumming at the same time – something I rarely do with partners.
Turns out he was married and he said it was something he’s never done and that I was so worth his first affair and that too bad I was just a temp and now leaving. Well, my temp job was then extended a few more months that following Monday!

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