Older Married Men Are My Weakness

Older married men are a delicacy to me. They are one of the only weaknesses I have and I take pride and joy in getting my hook in them. Believe me, though sometimes I become a home wrecker that isn’t what I want out of the affair. Emotionally unavailable men are sexy to me. There’s something hot about just being want it. Being someones secret and lusting over me. I’ve been with more than one married man but no one compares to Dave.

Dave was a business man in the area that would host luncheons for honors students. I sat right next to him and even though the conversation was good I never thought he would ask me for my number. When he did though I knew what he want it. I was ready for it too. A few days later I got a text from him asking if I want it to meet up for lunch. After a good hour of chit chatting he came out and said what he want it. He invited me over to his place and of course I said yes.

When we arrived to his house and I walked into the door I could totally tell he was married. His family was out of town and he all alone. All for me! He took me into his bedroom and wasted no time. He must of spend an hour just eating my tight young pussy. I sucked his cock for a bit but by then he was ready to be inside me. He flipped me over on my stomach and started pushing his dick in me. He laid right on top of me and whispered in my ear what a good pussy I had. That alone just made me came!

Dave ended up cumming inside me and then he hopped in the shower. From then on him and I would meet up at his place when the family wasn’t around. I must admit the hottest part of it all is that he would always cum inside me. Many times he asked me to shower with him but while he wasn’t looking I would let my pretty pussy drip all his cum onto his pillows. I wonder if he ever noticed.


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