I have a soft spot for older gentlemen & how sweet they’ve always been..

Older gentlemen are just a little bit of kryptonite for me 🙂 To start things off, I have no real idea of when I started figuring out I liked them.. but I know it definitely started and had something to do with middle school, and it only got stronger as the years went by. I loved teasing and flirting with boys, as any girl would, but I always targeted the teachers and professors most of all. They had something to do with it, always leading me astray, and always tempting me to be bad! Specially my English teacher, Mr. Wilkes. He didn’t like going by his last name so he let us rarely call him by his first name, Chris. And of course I always used it to my advantage if I could be a little tease and almost purr his name when I was asking him a question after class. I was never able to do something dirty with him..but he sparked the fire that made me want to see how much I could get away with!

I loved older men and how I wasn’t supposed to flirt with them, and they weren’t supposed to play with me. It was a mutual risk, and I loved the idea of it. So time went by and I just kept figuring out new ways to tempt them.. I wanted them! Completely .Everything naughty and fun that I wanted to do, I wasn’t allowed. And it was very hard keeping all my mischief contained when I wanted to go play with the principal at my high school. He was a light bodybuilder and always caught my eye…and it wasn’t long before I’d some something bad enough to get sent to his office. One thing after another, I always put myself right in their path. And he was the first to really start flirting back. I think he knew half the girls at the school thought he was cute, and I couldn’t be the first to get the naughty idea to flirt with him, and some of the older gentlemen at the school.. It was all a game I loved to play, seeing how much I could get away with before they either accepted and reciprocated it, or turned me away. 😉

Come play with me.