My older dirty stepdaddy married my mom when I was very young.

By that age, I was masturbating multiple times a day and had fucked a wide assortment of neighbors, teachers, and older teenagers. I felt the heat from his eyes the first time we met. My older dirty stepdaddy stared at my puffy, pouty breasts without any restraint. As he zeroed in on them, my nipples got visibly hard.

We sat, so he and I were facing each other. My mom was sitting off to the side at an angle and, knowing that she did not have a line of sight, I pushed my running shorts to the side until one of my pussy lips poked out.  I pulled on it and stroked it until it got nice and juicy.

Then, I pushed my shorts a little further to the right until my full pussy was on display.  As we chatted, I casually fingered myself. My soon-to-be older dirty stepdaddy was visibly twitchy as he tried to sit in a way that did not show his erection.

Every day leading up to the wedding, I found new ways to torment him and get him thinking about incest sex stories.

Sometimes I would flash a boob; other times, I would make sure my ass “accidentally” backed into his pelvis, and I often paraded around the house in skimpy bras and panties when my mother was out of the house. On the day of the wedding, I made sure that he saw plenty of me in my dressing robe, underwear, and then in my dress.

I wore a purple sequined dress to the wedding that hit me around mid-thigh. I did not wear panties. After the ceremony, my mom and stepdad threw a big party. There was lots of dancing, and of course, I had to dance with my new older dirty stepdaddy. After some fast, up-tempo songs, the music slowed down and, before he could get away, I pulled him close.

Then he just let me push his fingers inside of me while we danced.  I held him close until I came, and I walked away, leaving him a hard-on, pussy soaked fingers, and a wet spot on the front of his suit.

Every day, for the next three years, I tormented him.

I masturbated in front of him.  I left cum soaked panties in his drawers, and I always made sure I got him aroused when my mom was around. Seeing how awkward it was for him always turned me on. He lived in mortal fear of my mother finding out.  I had a big birthday party when I turned 18.

That party ran well into the night as me and my hot friends danced, rubbed up against each other, and engaged in an extreme display of sexual banter. I could tell the adults were shocked. My mom and older dirty stepdaddy finally went to bed and left us to hump and grind without them having to witness it.

Later that night, I peeked into my mom and stepdad’s room. Both were sound asleep. I pulled off my panties soaked with a mixture cum from the boy next door and me. Then, I snuck in and tiptoed to his side of the bed.

I placed those wet panties on his face and began to rub them all over it.

He woke up with a jolt, and before he could make a sound, I stuffed those panties into his mouth. Then I pushed his sheet aside and pulled out his cock, all while my mom was sleeping next to him. For the next half hour, I sucked him almost to the point of cumming and then stopped.

After tormenting him for the last time, I got my older dirty stepdaddy to the brink of coming and then stopped. Then, I left the room, with my panties still in his mouth. Next time I will share more stories of my tormenting my stepdaddy. I think you will love how I made him squirm and suffer!

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