Old Pervert Peeps Under My Short Skirt & I Love It

Who ever thought an old pervert would be shy, right? I mean, I guess he had never met anyone like me before. I always walk home from school. Most of the time I do it alone and that day was no different. I had on my school uniform and it was a nice breezy day. I always get looks, especially because I had to walk through downtown and it’s always packed and busy. Most of the looks are obviously from men, and that day was no exception.

As was walking as normal, like I said, when all of a sudden I dropped something and I stopped to pick it up. It all happened so fast because the person that was walking in back of me crashed into me. When he did his phone fell from his hands and that’s when I saw what the old pervert had been doing all along. He has been recording under my skirt. JUST LIKE YOU HEARD IT! I took his phone and he was surprised. I stood up and kept walking. He followed me.

After a few blocks I stopped at a desolated park. I sat on a bench and he sat right next to me. I confronted. He turned red and said that he wouldn’t do it again. I didn’t believed him, old perverts never change, that’s why I love them. I discreetly took off my pink panties and gave them to him. He was not expecting that and I saw his cock grew in his pants.

I live to make men rock hard. I am a little cock tease and told him at what time I get out of school. Next time, I might not even wear panties for him. Now that is a show he would love recording on his phone.

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