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The other night I was laying in bed extremely horny and could not avoid it any longer and that’s when I thought “Oh joy sex toy time. I pulled out my vibrator and started to run it over my nipples, they got so hard from the vibration, it made me instantly soak my little silky panties. So I could not wait to feel that vibration on my clit.

I slowly ran the quivering hard shaft down my body and circled around my belly button making me shiver and feel the muscles inside my pussy pulsate. When I finally got to the lips of that, now steamy pink flower the tingling of that hard cock made my whole body jolt and raise up. Oh as I was rubbing that long pink vibrating shaft in between those lips, I begged to feel that long hard vibrating shaft plunge deep into my sweet little hole.

I inserted it halfway in and it made my hips start to buck against the joystick, I wanted the whole thing in there, I wanted to fuck myself so hard, I could barely stand it. However, I held off and teased the opening of that now sloppy wet hole. I wanted to bring myself to the brink and pull away over and over as to prolong the euphoric feeling that was now pulsating through my body.  

As I was slamming that little hole with that fucking vibrator, I craved more stimulation so I sucked on the middle finger of the other hand and shoved it in my tight little ass.

Ohhhhh my god it was so euphoric, I could feel waves and waves of ecstasy rushing over my body, The combination of pleasure in both holes was so intense it pushed me over the edge. I lay there thrusting those two glorious holes like a jackhammer until I came so hard I moaned out in glory. FUCKKK that was so fucking hot, was what I was thinking as I lay there still floating from the high that was swarming all over my body.

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