Office sex stories always make me hot and excited. So today, there is a senior position at your firm, there are only two other people and myself on your short list for this incredible opportunity. Let’s face it we are all well qualified, but I need you to see what a true asset I am to your progressing and fast-paced company. I plan to make sure that you see Bill and Ted, my competition, as no competition at all.

I patiently wait outside your office door as Bill exits the meeting.  You smile and shake his hand, letting him know that you will be in touch very soon.  You look in my direction, pushing your hand for me to take.  I shake it with a strong grip and follow you into your office.  Sitting back at your desk, I can feel your eyes all over my ass, as I set up my powerpoint presentation.   After showing you the growth and wealth my ideas can bring to your company, I can tell I have impressed you.  Now it’s time to seal the deal!

Let the office sex stories began

Since I am your last appointment for the night, you offer me a drink, and I accept.  You pour us a drink and we toast to a fruitful business relationship.  We both emptied our glass and you pour another.  Your eyes roam over my body several times.  So I ask, had you made up your mind who was getting the new position while placing your free hand on my breast.  Your cock stiffens and I stand up before you to remove my form-fitting dress and exposing my ebony body to you.

You grab my hand and pull me gently towards you and bury your face between my legs and began to lick my pussy until I came.  I licked my ebony pussy juices off your lips before pulling your dick from your pants and giving you a wet sloppy blow job.  After licking and sucking on that fat dick, my pussy was aching to be fucked.  You bent me over that desk and pounded my ebony pussy until your cock exploded inside of me.   Then whisper congratulation on your new position.

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