Office Sex Lunch Break!

What is it about office sex that just makes it so much better?  I don’t care if its real deal, hardcore fucking on your desk, or just a quick guided masturbation session in the bathroom.  Its fucking hot!  Something about getting down and dirty in the office just feels so naughty and erotic.  I love hearing my guys whisper in the bathroom stall or describing how they would fuck me in their private office.

I just had some hot office sex with one of my favorite guys today.  His personal office has some windows so we always have to find a secret secluded spot in the building to play.  I love helping him sneak around for our afternoon romps.  Today I could hear him running up the stairs to the top floor and I couldn’t help picturing his hard cock.  By the time he got to the top, I could wait for him to drop his pants and feed me his cock.

This naughty office slut was going to drain his balls dry!

My toys and tits were out and ready to play.  I let him hear me giving the best sloppy blow job to my favorite dildo as he jerked off.  He told me to bend over so he could fill my pussy.  Just as things were getting hot and heavy, he stopped.  Someone was coming!  He ducked behind some boxes and whispered to me to finish him off.  I took every inch of his throbbing cock deep in my pussy.  My moans and screams were enough to send us both over the edge.

We both just giggle at how hard we came.  The threat of almost getting caught was so much fun!  It really made the whole experience that much more real.  Office sex really is the best fucking sex you could ever have.  Are you ready to meet your new office slut?

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