Every MILF Needs an Obedient Clean-up Boy

This MILF is no different. Will you be my obedient clean-up boy tonight? Before you say yes, let me tell you what you are in for. Although, if you are reading this, I’m sure you’re all in already. So, tonight, my big black bull is coming over for some rough and raw fucking. He has a sexy MILF nurse fantasy so I’ll be looking the part. Can you picture me in my little white nurse’s dress, white stockings, and white heels ready to be fucked? You’ll be there to clean me up and be at our service tonight. I do expect you to obey orders like a good boy and do everything we ask you to do. An obedient clean-up boy is always up for anything. Are you ready?

My Big Black Bull is Ready. Are You?

My big black bull comes over riled up and ready to go. I hope you’re ready too. All you need to do right now is sit quietly in the corner, watch the show, and wait for your orders. I think you can manage that. You watch as my bull approaches me, his massive rock-hard cock tenting his pants. He admires me in the nurses’ outfit that turns him on so much. I’ll be keeping my outfit on the entire time we fuck, just how he likes it. 

My black bull lifts my dress to my waist exposing my bare pussy. He gets on his knees and tastes me. You watch eagerly and want to stroke your cock so bad. But you know you need to play the part of the obedient clean-up boy and wait for your orders or risk being dismissed. And you certainly don’t want to miss this. 

My big black bull’s tongue plays with my clit and dips into my juicy pussy. He makes my whole body shake and now I can’t wait any longer, I tell him I need to taste his cock. 

Rough and Raw

This time he stands and unzips his pants. His massive black cock springs out and practically hits me in the face. I can barely wrap my lips around his massive rod but I do my best. I deepthroat as much of his length as I can but gag halfway up. But I keep trying to get him deeper and deeper down my throat. I make eye contact with my obedient clean-up boy as I’m gasping and gagging on this huge black cock. It turns me on to see you watching all of this. I know you can’t wait for your turn to show how obedient you can be. Your time will come. 

Now my bull wants to fuck me rough and raw. He picks me up off the ground and I wrap my legs around his waist. His massive cock impales me with his full length and I scream. I hold on tight as he bounces me up and down on his big black cock like a ragdoll. All I can do is open my pussy wide for him. The pleasure is so intense I cum three times back to back. My pussy cum drips down my ass and thighs. You notice and your mouth waters. 

Come back next week for part two when you get to perform your clean-up duties. 

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