Dear Diary: Oh How I Needed To Be John’s Obedient Bitch

Being an obedient slut is nothing new to me really, but John took it to a whole new level. For me, being submissive to a man isn’t something new for me in general. However, John showed me that there are different levels of submissiveness. He taught me that being an obedient bitch is something completely different. He reduced me to nothing more than an obedient slut who was only good enough to entertain him and I’ve never felt so degraded in my life. I hate to admit this but part of me liked it and wants to do it again.

As soon as I got to John’s he shut the door behind me and told me to take my clothes off.

I felt so nervous and shy as I did what he wanted while he stood there fully clothed and watching me. I left them in a pile on the floor and I stood there blushing as he ran his eyes over my body. It was a bit cool standing there naked and my nipples hardened as I fought the urge to wrap my arms around myself. “Get down on all fours,” he told me and I silently obeyed while he went to the hall table, picking up a leash. It had a leather collar on it and I held my head up as he fastened it around my neck.

It was snug and a bit heavy on me but I think most of it was in my head. I truly felt like he owned me as he picked up the leash and started walking to the kitchen. Shame and excitement filled me as I was forced to follow him; I’d never done anything like this before, not even with my husband. I crawled behind him and saw a bowl of water on the floor by the sink. He took me to it and stroked my hair as he said: “Go on, have a little drinky.”

I bent my head down and began lapping at it, not even noticing his dog Rox until he started pawing and sniffing at me.

I ignored him, but John grabbed him and put him on my ass, making him sniff me. My face felt hot as Rox licked my asshole and I shivered, telling myself that I shouldn’t be enjoying this. “You like this bitch, don’t you?” John said and I nearly died when I felt Rox mount me, it felt so weird. “I don’t know about this,” I said and started to move but he pushed me back down. “Stay,” he ordered me, talking to me like a trained dog. I hated myself, but I stayed where I was as I felt a doggy dick poking at my pussy. My body pushed back on it, needing to feel it inside even though I knew it was wrong.

It took a few tries and Rox’s nails scratched me as he kept humping me.

He finally got his dick between my pussy lips. He wiggled on me as he went in deeper and I made a mental note to keep my back covered from my husband until the scratches healed. My pussy stretched around Rox and I moaned as he filled me. I could feel John watching us as Rox began to roughly fuck me, his dick ramming in and out of me as he panted behind me. It felt dirty and wild and I gasped as I bent lower, trying to get more in me.

My clit throbbed as he rubbed against my pussy walls and I felt my pussy gush as he kept going. He let out little nips and yelps as he fucked me. When he came all I could do was kneel there like an obedient bitch. Rox let out a bark and ran off, leaving me there full of doggy cum. He also left me with a very happy owner. John crouched down and said, “Let’s see what other tricks you can do.” If you wanna hear about my bag of obedient bitch tricks, then give me a call darling! I will be such a good obedient bitch to you.

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