Nylon fetish makes me hot; I get aroused by men in tights!

Nylon fetish makes me hot; there are so many awesome aspects to guys wearing stockings. Let me count the ways:

First, nylons are so sensual (that’s why nylon fetish makes me hot!) and they come in many alluring colors and patterns.

A lot of guys I speak with during phone sex chat prefer sheer, nude hose. That’s fine. But a man who’s willing to let me dress him up in hot pink fishnets makes my heart beat faster. It’s just a fact; with their long legs, men look sexy in tights! It worked for Robin Hood. That’s why nylon fetish makes me hot!

Second, it’s a naughty secret to have beneath your clothes.

Businessmen, truck drivers, soldiers–men from many different walks of life have confided in me their love of hosiery.  They know nylon fetish makes me hot! While some guys keep it in the bedroom, most of them wear their stockings on the inside–a delicious secret beneath conventional work uniforms. And who doesn’t love a dirty little Victoria’s Secret, lol?

Third, tights allow a guy to experience a different side of himself.

For a man to wear hosiery in the modern world is brave and rebellious.  That makes it more bad-ass than a tattoo or piercing! Some men wear tights as the first step towards full cross-dressing. Other guys just want to express a bit of their feminine side. And of course, there are men who wear pantyhose for sheer comfort, support, and warmth. Nylon fetish makes me hot, regardless of the reason why.

Last but not least: nylon fetish is versatile.

Not only can a guy wear ’em, but he can also smell ’em, rub his cock through them and use them to tie up his partner. Remember, you don’t always have to go with “nylon” nylons–you can always splurge on pure silk stockings. Take it from me, the silk kind feel even better and make for a delightful bondage experience. How do I know? Let me make a confession…

Once I dated a high-powered executive who loved to wear hose.

His brusque manner and Armani suits hid what he adored: sheer stockings with a subtle silver glitter pattern. Now he didn’t hog his hose; he was always willing to share, allowing me to borrow anything I wanted. Sometimes we would go shopping for nylons together. Then we each brought home quite a collection! Yet another reason nylon fetish makes me hot: a girl and her guy can share it, quite literally, together.

I would enjoy hearing from all you guys who wear tights.

Whatever your reason for wearing them, do call and let me know. It’s a fetish I truly appreciate; like a potato chip, you can’t stop at just one!  So if you happen to want forced fem, I have a drawer full of exquisite hose and can’t wait to pick out a very special pair just for you. Phone Sex Kingdom is a great way to communicate your love of hose, in an exciting and safe environment.  You know the best phone sex is all about secrets! I love all fetishes, not just nylons. Another favorite is Sleeping Beauty Sex. Whenever you want to talk, I’m here for you, ready and willing to make you cum better than you’ve ever cum before!

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