NYE Sex Resolutions.

Now that the holidays are almost behind us, it’s time to start with a new list. While making these particular lists is usually stressful, they are certainly a lot less exciting than the ones for holiday gifts during the weeks prior. Well, I’m here to say, fuck that. Let’s aspire to have some fun next year, and not just do all the stuff we say we are going to. Yeah, go ahead, go to the gym, do that puzzle that’s been in your closet for three years, stop smoking, eat your green beans, and yada, yada, yada.  BUT, let’s make THIS list a little risqué, a little sexy, and actually get her done.  Besides, if being more social and being more active are already boxes you want to check, then making some NYE Sex Resolutions may be exactly what you need!

It’s Time to be a Little More Adventurous…

New year? New you! Some of you may be a bit shy. It’s time to rip that bandaid off while putting yourself out there! Also, fuck the apps.  2024 is all about doing it old school. Head to the bar, pick up a new partner or two while getting a little buzz, and get back in bed…it’s cold outside! Your NYE Sex Resolutions should be all about trying new things. Shake it up a bit and get kinky. Hey, maybe try out some of those fantasies you’ve had for the past twenty years. It’s never too late to start exploring! Look for someone with common interests and fantasies, they are out there! Maybe even try swinging in a different direction? You never know unless you try!

Married and Looking for NYE Sex Resolutions?

No worries! Get your lady or lad involved. It’s a great time to ask what new things they would like to explore too. Maybe you guys have always talked about going to a swingers club, but always chickened out. 2024 is the time to do it. While everything else in the world might not be going great, there is one thing you can control, how much you orgasm! Maybe you’ve always wanted to be cucked? Although asking might not hurt, better to just drop a hint to start! If other playmates are off the table, why not dabble in role-playing? If you can’t fuck her best friend, you can always pretend to! Watch porn together, but not your usual gang bang party. Try Belessa porn movies. It’s made by women and they will be sure to get her off.

NYE Sex Resolutions Should be Fun.

Don’t let this be one more task giving you anxiety for the entire year until it’s complete. This should be considered an ever-evolving resolution with no strict boundaries and rules. As the year goes by, you might change. The idea is, just do something for yourself. Improve yourself by living your life. Besides, you can master your taxes and learn to make a soufflé next year. Maybe this year you didn’t have your Christmas Orgy Spectacular.  Make it happen next year! After all, the more the merrier! We’re only four days away from a fresh start. What will your new adventure be?

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