Here is a little tale about the first time I sold my dirty panties. Thinking about a man asking me to cum over again in my panties just for him makes my pussy dripping wet. Getting the first pair ready to sell was so much fun. I hadn’t see how soaked my panties were until I got spread eagle in front of my mirror. My clit began to tingle and I couldn’t playing with myself, right through the wet fabric. I rubbed my fingers on both sides of my clit faster and faster until my body shook and I creamed into them. My cum and juices seeped through the black cotton fabric. Finishing I walked into the kitchen took them off., carefully not to lose a drop and placed them zip lock bag and stored it in the freezer.

When the phone rang the next day I knew it was him. He asked me how long I wore them and how many times I cam in it, then came the next question “how long it would take me to send them” I told him they will be shipped the next day, which made him very happy. Sending me pics of opening his package calling me saying “that his cock ached to smell and taste them” begging for my permission. An the I would say go he would suck the panties dry and drink nothing but my cum.

girls fingers in panties wet with cum

Five panties later, I really enjoyed myself coming over and over again knowing he would suck them dry..Telling me how much he loved the way I tasted and he would imagine me riding his face while he jerked off. Sending me pictures of my panties is his special hiding place that he saved under his mattress and sometimes under his pillow. Later came a special request that at first he was to scared to ask but now he finally built up the courage. He asked if before I creamed in my panties if I would pee in my panties first. I agreed and I fucking LOVED IT, it was sooo fucking hot.This time I chose to play in the bathroom for obvious reasons. I wasn’t too nervous about the act but I wanted to please my BIGGEST PANTY BOY.

cum filled panties thick messy

I wore a white cotton pair of panties so when the pee soaked into the fabric he could easily see the yellow color. I chugged 8 full glasses of water that morning and I had to go so fucking badly. As soon as I saw the toilet my pee seemed to start to flow on its own and I could feel a few trickles drip down my thighs as I squatted over the toilet. I hovered inches over my toilet with my my legs spread open wide. My clit twitched as the warm gold piss flowed from my twat. The hot liquid soaked my panties and warmed my whole pussy. I couldn’t help myself I was so horny I started to masturbate right then and there through my white pee soaked cotton panties., cumming so hard and quickly. I could feel my panties getting heavy with my fluids and I knew my special panty boy would love it.