Kimmy visiting her uncle Eddie, he had missed Thanksgiving because of a business trip. To make it up for his favorite niece Kimmy he flew her out to his apartment in the city for Christmas. When she got to the apartment she couldn’t believe her eyes had gone all out in decoration. “Uncle Eddie that’s so beautiful” Kimmy exclaimed her eyes lighting up at all the Christmas lights and shiny ornaments in the room. “anything for you my favorite niece ” he replied. Kimmy toyed with the ornaments for a second daydreaming about her Hot Phone Sex when she Role played a Nudist Family Fuck.

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Uncle Eddie showed her room which is right across the hallway from his. In her room, she had a huge four-poster, with pink satin sheets lined with big fluffy pillows. Eddie left Kimmy to herself to get unpacked and comfortable. Kimmy took off her shoes and her jeans. She wanted to put on something sexy, she was going to seduce Uncle Eddie. Kimmy was craving a nudist family fuck like she played last night with the operator on the phone. Grabbing her suitcase and opening it on the bed she pulled out a sexy naughty Santa outfit. It was a red teddy with white trim and a matching hat, a sexy little red thong, and no bra. she also had a thick red ribbon she could use as a blindfold.

Kimmy slowly walked out, her hips swaying as she made her way down the hallway. She could hear the TV in the other room. She saw her Uncle Eddie sitting on the couch, sneaking up behind him she covered his eyes and whispered “guess who” Eddie let out a chuckle replying”it has to be my sweet little favorite niece” Kimmy unwrapped the ribbon and tied it around his eyes. ” I have a surprise for you dear uncle”

A sweet surprise for a favorite Uncle

Kimmy crawled over the couch and straddled him. blindfolded he couldn’t see a thing. She straddled his legs in her sexy little Santa outfit, she locked her legs around him. Eddy stammered ” what do you think you’re doing Kimmy? I’m your uncle you shouldn’t be doing this. ” Eddie’s face was bright red he couldn’t believe that his innocent little nice if he knew growing up I turn into a lover of nudist family fuck. Kimmy giggled wrapped her arms around her uncle’s neck coming into the couch. She swayed side-to-side straddling his lap, and the yarn kissing his jawline. Eddie lit up the soft Moon and protested quotation mark oh God I feel so good quotation mark give me then chase small kisses. I’m back up and begin to passionately kiss him her wet pink tongue darting in his mouth.


Their breath hitched and between the flurry of kisses, Eddie wrapped his arms around his horny little niece. Kimmy slid the ribbon meeting her uncle’s needy eyes. he started to kiss her deeply lifted up her legs wrapped around his hips. Eddie kept Kimmy’s bodacious booty. His raging erection passing through his jeans to lay me down in front of the fireplace beginning to unbutton his pants. Sliding down his dark blue he sat there and his red t-shirt black boxers. His 9-inch cock throbbing through his boxers. Eddie kissed all over Kimmy’s tight little body leaving small wet trails with every inch of skin he licked.

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Eddie pulled his niece’s panties to the side and slammed his hard cock in her tight little-wet cunt. Relentlessly pounding her. her moans filled the air as she arched her back cumming on his cock. he groaned feeling her tighten more in her explosive orgasm. he started pumping his cock harder and faster getting close to his own eruption. finally, he pulled out ” Come here quick,” he told Kimmy. Kimmy flipped over on her knees and opened her cute little mouth. Eddie stroked his cock more and aimed ” Here it comes!” He shouted as he shot stream after stream of hot sticky cum all over her face and tongue. Kimmy smiled enjoying the hot slutty nudist family fuck she just got and couldn’t wait for more!