I love taking pictures of my naked body. I just love it. My phone is filled with nude selfies. My favorite place to take pictures is in front of my big second bedroom windows. The natural light just suits my skin tone. Sometimes while I take pictures, my neighbor likes to watch. His name is Nathan, he lives with his girlfriend and other than knowing his name, I know nothing about him, and I doubt he knows anything about me. But for a few weeks now I’ve been putting on a show for him every time I start taking pictures of my naked body.

Three days ago I did a bit more for than Nathan than the usual flash while taking nudes. It was early in the morning, I had just gotten out of the shower and when I looked through the window I noticed his girlfriends car wasn’t home. I started to rub lotion all over my skin taking my time, in the hopes that Nathan would walk right through with his binoculars and start watching me take pictures. He finally did, and he rapidly grabbed them.
I set a chair right in front of the big window and spread my legs. I started to slowly rub my thighs to get myself warmed up. I started playing with my tits, pinching my nipples hard. I wondered if he was hard by now. I tried to give him a nice, slow show. I want it him to enjoy it. I started to rub my pussy with one hard while I continued to play with my nipples with the other. My cunt was starting to get really wet just thinking about him stroking his cock. I walked to my other room, and grabbed my vibrator. I came right back and he was waiting for me. I could tell. I started playing with my vibrator. First putting it just on my clit and getting my pussy dripping wet. Then, I stuck my vibrator inside my tight little pink hole and slipped it in and of my soaking wet cunt. Before I knew it I was moaning hard, and came so hard there was a gush of wetness running down the chair and onto the floor. I hoped he had cum just as hard as I did.

Yesterday I picked up my mail, and when I was going through it I found a small post it on one of my letters that said “Thank you!” And had a phone number written on it. I immediately texted him, I know it was Nathan. I texted it “Hey” and his reply was “So when am I ever going to see those pictures that you always take”.



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