Nude farming can sound unpleasant to some and be intimidating to most.

I spent an entire summer one year devoting myself to nude farming on a private, secluded Marijuana Farm. It was a great summer for sure!

I loved being out in the sunshine and feeling the cool breeze on my golden skin. I enjoyed the hard work too. My muscles felt sore at the end of the day and it made me feel accomplished.
I found myself attracted to all the people I worked with that summer, yet I liked both the buff men and the sexy women equally.

My job is not the hardest job on the farm but it is an essential one! I am in charge of clipping the bud. In addition to that, I also check for quality of the product.
Seems like the most natural and sexy thing in the world to see nude farming going on all around. Big titties, swinging dicks and tight asses. A hot treat for the eyes.

Yet some of my co-workers felt shy, in spite of my admiring glances at them!
No one is better at rolling a joint than I am and I usually kept several rolled and ready to go throughout the long days. To break the ice with my fellow nude farming brothers and sisters I rolled everyone up there own fatty.

My only real complaint about the job is having to continuously wear gardening gloves or risk ruining your manicure. Sometimes I must have looked pretty silly, clipping weed, nude farming wearing only thick gloves and a pair of sneakers! But I didn’t care that much.

I had a great summer at Paradise Farms and I would recommend the job to anyone who is feeling brave and liberated.

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