A Nude Artist Pleasured Me in a Very Public Way!!

I once got the crazy idea that allowing a body artist to paint on my naked body in public would be a good idea. Some friends talked me into it so I decided why not? It could be fun right? Before going we were instructed to get our entire bodies waxed. I’m used to getting my pussy waxed but everything else was a bit interesting and slightly painful.

When we got to the studio we were in a very public and open area. We were told to all get undressed and lie on our backs on a table. I for sure thought they’d separate us up into different rooms but that didn’t happen at all. We all got undressed laughing and quickly lay down. What I didn’t realize is that we were also a public viewing. Those walking by the studio could easily look in and see us. Talking about exposing.

My artist was a young male, mid to late ’20s, super cute yet really quiet. His idea for my naked body was to paint me as if I was wearing clothing. He wanted it to look like I could walk outside into the public and no one would be able to tell I was completely naked. I thought that was a fun idea. He started on my torso and then made his way down my body.

Once he got to my pussy I oddly became turned on.

I was trying not to react to him painting across my lips, but a part of me couldn’t help it. Kept telling myself he’d be done quickly and move on to a different body part. I was wrong with that assumption. He stayed on my lips for a long time, and I was becoming more and more aroused. I knew I was dripping wet at this point and I’m sure he could tell.

I lifted my head to look at him and he had the most satisfying grin on his face. He moved his paintbrush with more determination as he was pushing me closer to an orgasm. I let out a moan but the put my hand over my mouth so no one else could hear me. I quickly was ready to climax when I felt his tongue on my clit. That did me in! He made me cum so hard, I was moaning loudly and bucking up towards his mouth.

Once he was done I froze. I forgot that we weren’t alone. Felt so exposed in such a public way. I looked around at my friends, everyone had stopped and was watching me as I came. My guy friends had very visible hard-ons as well. Wow-what an experience of being so exposed yet so aroused.

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