Cum on my face, give me the facial I need.

My robe is off, my naked body is exposed and I have dropped to my knees in front of you. Your hard cock is in my mouth and I’m just begging you for a facial. That’s right, your sweet new neighbor wants a face full of cum.

I look up at you with a mouth full of your cock. Your hands are on the back of my head and you’ve started thrusting into my mouth. Pushing your cock into my throat, making me deep throat you. My spit is dripping off of your cock, running down your sexy thighs and cum filled balls. They’re getting tight, so tight against your body and I know you’re getting close. You start thrusting faster and harder. My eyes are watering as your balls slap against my chin. I’m choking on your cock but I fucking love it.

I needed this. I needed a warm hot welcum to the neighborhood. This one just so happens to come from you, all over my face. I pull back and you stop for a second. I look up and let your cock slide out of my mouth and say “Baby, I need you to cum all over my pretty face.” You nod eagerly, barely able to hold it in while I just say the words. Then I grab your cock and push it back into my mouth. Tasting your precum and begging for more.

I need your cum dripping down my face, dripping onto my tits.

You’re fucking my face hard and fast again and you are practically screaming my name. Pounding into me, “Kate, oh fuck yes Kate.” One hard thrust and you slide out of my mouth and your cum starts pouring onto my face. I keep my mouth open so I can taste your hot thick cum on my tongue. I love how it feels on my lips, how it shoots into my hair, drips down my chin onto my tits. Such a nice huge hot load of cum. It’s so fucking good. You are frozen and I can’t help it. I start using my fingers to scoop it off my face and into my mouth. You taste so fucking good. God, I need more of you soon baby.

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