Your new naughty neighbor

The girl next door you’ll never forget

You noticed me immediately, pulling up in my sexy red convertible, top down, blonde hair blowing in the wind. The movers came the day before and you had been anxiously waiting to see who would move in. Who would be your new girl next door? You couldn’t have imagined me, tight pink dress, beautiful blonde hair, full lips, perky beautiful tits, a perfect petite body. You were all too happy to come over and be the first to welcome me to the neighborhood.

I hear you knock on my door right as I’m about to step into the shower. Then I throw on a robe and rush to the door. knowing it leaves little to the imagination but I don’t care. I kind of like a good tease;). I open the door to see you standing there, your mouth drops open at the sight of me. Then I give you a knowing smile. “Hey, I’m your neighbor and I just wanted to come welcome you to the neighborhood.” You’re so polite even though I can tell you’re uncomfortable with how little I’m wearing.

“I’m Kate it’s nice to meet you, would you like to come in for some coffee or a drink?”

You’re more than willing to come in and I lead you to the kitchen and start making us some coffee. My robe has started to fall open and I know my nipples are very close to showing which of course makes them hard. They push against the fabric and your eyes shoot straight to them and my gaping robe. I can practically see you drooling over me. You’re distracted enough that we hardly speak so when I come around the breakfast bar and drop my robe to the floor I know you’re shocked. Your big cock is already growing hard in your pants and I know you’re about to give me the welcome to the neighborhood I’ve been wanting.  

Want to hear what happens next? Call me baby and stay tuned to my blog;)

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