Most of you already know I am a nurse (naughty nurse)  by day and work for a pediatrician.  What you probably didn’t know was that my favorite part of the job is getting to know all the older daddies that bring their kiddos in.  Nearly all of them are married and get all flustered when I flirt with them.  I love it!

Yesterday was a particularly interesting day because I had been thinking about a call I had the night before with one of my favorite was very hot, he’s married and loves his wife to watch and lick me clean after he unloads his hot, sticky cum in my pussy (or in this case, ass).   I could still hear his moans in my ear…and it was getting my pussy all wet again.   So, I went to lunch and was hoping to get off in my car, as I frequently do, but there was an emergency so I had to return early.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything except how I was going to cum!

A few more hours go by and in walks this amazingly sexy man, Garrett.   He must have stood about 6’2″, maybe 200 lbs..muscular but not overly big.  He had that salt and pepper hair going on and these incredible brown eyes.  He had to have been at least 45 or 46  years old. He was wearing a dark grey suit with a red tie and had a wedding band on (score!).  He smelled delicious, too.  His teenage son was getting a small procedure done so I led them both back to the exam room that was the most private, way in the back corner.  I typically wear scrubs, but this day since I was feeling so naughty, decided to wear my white button up dress with stockings and a g-string.  The dress was a little snug and a bit short, but not completely  inappropriate.  As I was taking Michael’s vitals and getting his chart finished for the doctor, I managed to position myself just right for Garrett’s viewing pleasure…my cleavage practically popping out of the top of my dress as I leaned down to check Michael’s pulse and I’m sure he loved how I managed to press my ass against his shoulder as he sat in the chair next to the exam table..inches from his face.  Do you think he could smell the sweetness of my soaking wet pussy?  I hope so!

I had to take Michael to the procedure room, the doctor was ready for him.  I couldn’t get back to Garrett fast enough.  I hurried back to the exam room, opened the door, and found Garrett with his cock out, jerking it…he didn’t even stop when I walked in.  He knew I was hungry for it….

Who wants to hear the rest of the story?  Call me to find out what happened or create our own ending!