You step in the strip club and scan the dark room; waiting for your eyes to adjust to the dark and the brightly flashing lights.

The music is loud with a pounding beat meant to bring to mind the visceral rhythym of sex. Every where you look there is a treat for the eyes in this strip club. The blonde sitting at the bar, her skirt so short it practically shows off her ass cheeks. The black vixen poured into the red gown, prowling toward a customer at the stage, eyes locked on, almost sniffing out her prey. On all sides of you the barely dressed beauties compete for attention without doing much more than breathing.

The music changes and the dancing dream on the stage makes her naked way back through the curtain into no-man’s land. The lights dim even more, the music slows and a spotlight centers on the curtain. It parts and you find yourself mesmerized by the tall lithe blonde there. She is moving to the beat of the music in a way that makes her seem made of smoke and the thought of fire comes unbidden to your mind. So it’s no surprise to you when the DJ announces the name of this flame goddess on her pedestal.

“Ember” You mouth it, letting it roll around your tongue.

And nothing has ever felt so right. You move as in a trance to the strip club stage. Forgetting that you are now on “Pervert Row” feeling more like you are at the foot of an altar meant to pay homage to this long-legged fallen angel. After the set is over, you wait on the edge of your seat for the source of your new obsession to come back on the floor. When she finally does, you race to her side and offer to buy her a drink.

She tells you her drink of choice and asks if you would rather go some place private with her. She names a price for a VIP room and you hand your credit card to the bartender eager to take her somewhere to be alone. Though you have to admit, you enjoy the attention she is showering on you right now. Her body pressed against your back, whispering all sorts of suggestions into your ear. “The bigger your tip to me the more appreciative I’ll be. And I show my apprectiation in VERY good ways!” Your cock comes to full attention at this announcement.

You mentally thank the heavens that you stopped by the ATM before coming in.

Her fingers move stealthly under cover of your jacket from your hip to your zipper, settling on the raging hard on just below. You hear her intake of breath and you have a moment of satisfaction knowing she is surprised by your side. Almost before you are even done signing the credit card reciept, she has her hand in yours pulling you gently but insistently toward the hallway to the private rooms. She grabs your lapels and lays her lips against yours. Darting her tongue into your mouth as she pulls you into the dim mirrored room and onto the obligatory sofa.

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