I notice that you’re having fantasies of a no limits abduction with me.

I see you sitting by the side of my running trail. You’re not a runner so what are you doing here? I bet you’re having fantasies of a no limits abduction kink fest with me, aren’t you? Your eyes scan up and down my body as I jog past. My bra top clings to my perky little tits as they bounce up and down. My spandex running shorts show my ass off to perfection, my tight round bubble butt bouncing up and down. Look at your cock just pop right up with excitement with thoughts of hot teen sex!

Your dirty thoughts are written all over your face. First of all, it’s early in the morning and second, I have my headphones in. I can’t hear you when you come up behind me and grab me around my waist. My scream of surprise doesn’t do me any good because there’s no one out this early to hear me! Then you pull my tight young body even further into the woods. Of course, everything around us is overgrown and it doesn’t look like anyone else has been this far out in a really long time. Suddenly I’m being tossed into the back of a van and driven even further into the woods.

Today is the day when your no limits abduction fantasy is coming true. It’s just too bad for me that I’m your victim. You stop at what looks like an abandoned cabin. Your hands are moving all over my body at the same time and I can feel you pulling my clothes off as quickly as you can. I beg and plead with you not to rape me but you’re focused and know exactly what you want.

I’m a virgin and I have such a tight young body.

You know that the only way you’re going to get to fuck a hot young school girl like me is if you kidnap me and force me to take it. Get your hands off me you perverted freak! I’m not that kind of girl! Your dick is so hard and you like the feel of me struggling against you. Begging for you to stop just makes your dick throb even more! You’re such a dirty perv I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. My clothes are on the floor now and you’re trying to pry my legs open so you have access to my little virgin cunt.

You slap my face so hard that I can’t help but open my legs in surprise. Then it’s all over for me. Your cock presses against the entrance to my virgin pussy. Twisting and turning doesn’t get you off me and now tears are pouring down my face. Why are you doing this to me? What did I ever to do to make you hurt me like this? I bring my knee up and smash into your balls but even that doesn’t stop you. You’re still forcing yourself on me and it feels like you’re ripping me in two!

Everything around me starts to get black and it feels like I’m about to pass out. The pain is too horrible and too much for my young little body to handle. I pass out for I don’t even know how long. When I wake up, you’re flipping me over onto my stomach. What are you doing now? Please just let me go home I’m in so much pain. You got what you wanted now let me leave. The horrible truth sneaks in all at once.

You’re going to take my tight virgin ass next.

There’s no one around to hear as I scream out in pain and horror during your no limits abduction kink fest. It feels like it’s never going to stop. Everything goes dark and then the pain wakes me up again. You’re getting off on hurting me and making me cry. My body is hurting all over and I feel limp like a rag doll. You finally cum inside my ass and I think it’s finally all over. If only it was that easy. Suddenly, I feel your dirty cock ramming down the back of my throat. I can taste my ass and pussy juices mixed with the taste of your cum. You mercilessly throat fuck me. That’s when you tell me that I’m not going anywhere anytime soon and this is just the beginning.

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