How long have you had such a naughty tickle fetish?

You know you caught me totally off guard tonight, right? We’ve been dating for a few months now, and I’m just now finding out that you have a super-naughty tickle fetish! Do you like the short skirt and tiny top that shows off my flat little stomach? The way you run your big strong hands lightly up the sides of my bare skin makes me wriggle like crazy! What are you doing that tickles? Wait a minute, you’re getting rock hard feeling me squirm, aren’t you? I had no idea you were so kinky!

Do you really want to tie me up and tickle me from head to toe? Hmm, I don’t know if I can take it, I’m super ticklish. What do I get if I let you tickle me and I don’t stop you? Your cock is pretty hard and even bigger than I’ve ever seen it. Will it really get even bigger and harder if I let you indulge your naughty tickle fetish with me? Sit on the edge of the bed and watch while I slowly strip out of my clothes. Stroke your dick while you watch me.

I’m not gonna be the only naked one here. Let me see how much it turns you on, just thinking about making me wriggle and giggle. Otherwise, no naughty tickle fetish fun for you tonight Mr.! Stroke your cock as I slowly slip out of my bra and panties. Hold your hand out and take these restraints. I’m so ticklish that you have to tie me up, otherwise, I’m gonna make you stop tickling me. Do you want to start tickling me from my head, or my feet, with your fingers or a feather?

Tickling is so erotic if it’s done the right way.

Wow, I had no idea that some of these spots were even ticklish on my body! Sure, lots of people are ticklish on their stomach, or on their feet but there are so many more hidden spots. Half of the fun is discovering them! My pussy is starting to drip with excitement and my nipples are getting so hard. I can feel the pre-cum dripping out of your cock and onto my thighs by the way. It looks like your naughty tickle fetish is turning you on as much as it’s turning me on!

Please tell me that you’re going to fuck me now that you’ve spent a couple of hours finding all of my tickle spots. Untie me now, I don’t think I can possibly squirm or giggle anymore, I have got to feel your big, thick rock hard cock pounding inside of me. Drive that dick balls deep inside of me, every single inch. I’m gonna squeeze your cock so tight until you fill me up with that big hot sticky load of cum deep inside of me. Fill me up with so much cum that I feel it leaking out of me for hours and hours.


We definitely need to make more time for tickle foreplay kinky bondage sex again soon. Call me when you’re craving naughty age play phone sex.

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