Nipple Sucking – The Guy Will Not Leave My Nips Alone!

Nipple sucking is an intimate kind of act. Like, I try to not let a guy suck my nipples but it’s so hard to resist. The feeling of a hot tongue on your nipple and warm lips on your areolas is seriously incredible! I would say it’s one of my favorite things.

And some guys just will not leave my nipples alone. Apparently, I have lovely nipples that guys want in their mouths. I’m not complaining but I’m not trying to catch feelings for everyone that wants my nips in their mouth haha! Anyway, this wrestling friend of mine never leaves them alone.

He wants them in his mouth all the time. As soon as he comes into my place he slaps my ass and pulls down my shirt and starts the nipple sucking. I fucking love it, really! My nipples getting sucked on really turns me on and the longer they do it, the better.

Guys always love my perky nip-nops. They’re fun to play with, for sure. Mmm, just the feeling of their mouths over my nipples is so hot, man. I really mean it when I say nipple play gets my pussy really wet.

So, the wrestler guy likes to play with them.

And let me tell you, since the first time he touched them he knew exactly what I like. Biting, pulling, sucking, all of it. He’s an expert nipple sucking fiend. And every time he does it my pussy is as wet as Niagra Falls.

Like, seriously, watching this dude suck my nipples is the hottest thing I have seen. He has these gorgeous lips that are super soft and full. And watching him stick my nipple into his mouth is like watching art happen right before my eyes. I wish I could just take a picture and blow it up and put it on my wall so I can look at it all of the time.

Nipple sucking! I just love saying it because it is one of my top things to do with a man. Have him suck my pretty nipples. Mmm! I can’t wait until my wrestler friend visits me again and gives it to me.

I want him to just grab me and rip off my shirt and suck my nipples for like half an hour! Making them all wet and hard and also making my cunt wet in the process. Then he takes off my panties and eats my little pussy while he pulls on my nipples. Just that pulling and tugging of my nips turns me on too!

And then, of course, I want him to lift my legs and eat my pretty, pink little asshole. He loves to eat ass and loves eating mine. And I love eating his in return. What can I say, I’m a giver!

After he eats my ass and pussy I want him to lie down and let me ride him.

I’ll grab that big cock and shove it deep inside of my pussy and he’ll pull my nipples to pull me in for a deep, wet, hot kiss. And then kiss playing with my nipples and sucking them as I ride his fat cock. I’ll make him cum deep in my little cunt. And hopefully, when he is done he’ll eat my pussy and lick it clean.

That should make me cum again just from him lapping at my pussy, getting every drop of cum out of him. Now, that sounds like a good fucking time for me! So, Saturday better gets here quick so I can play with that sexy nipple sucking bastard. Fuck yeah, I’m gonna get these pretty nip nips played with.

Want to hear about it? Then you should call me as soon as possible. Or maybe you want to cum play and suck on my nipples? Either way, let’s talk all about nipples and how much fun they are!

Fucking call this hot ass bitch for all your nipple sucking fetish calls and nipple needs. And also… I suck dick pretty well so, there’s that too. Haha no, but really, let’s talk sometime.

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