I spend quite a few nights hanging out with Daddy at his house because I have my own special room.

 We don’t always fuck because sometimes he’s tired or busy with work but that’s okay; being around Daddy is good enough for me. I have a bedtime when it’s not a fucking night (on those we go all night long) and he always comes in to tuck me in. It’s great but sometimes I don’t wanna go to bed and Daddy has to settle me down.

I was getting ready for bed when I got an IM and had to read it. I was about to put my nightie on but left it as I threw myself on the bed butt naked. It was one of my girlfriends and we started talking which made me lose track of time. Daddy came into the room and told me to turn off my laptop and get my nightie on because it was getting late.

 I waved him away and said I would in five minutes but that wasn’t good enough for him.

I was typing a message when he leaned over me and ran a hand over my ass, telling me that I was a naughty girl for going around naked. His fingers were warm and I shivered as I tried to concentrate on what I was doing. “I’m busy, Daddy,” I whined and shook my leg, trying to get him off me.

 I thought he’d listened to me because he got off the bed but then I heard him taking his clothes off. I shifted onto my side and kept one eye on him and one on the screen as he laid down behind me. He snuggled up close and began kissing my neck while he put a hand on my tit, gently squeezing it and rubbing my nipple until it got hard. “Mmm, Daddy.” I moaned and closed my eyes, leaning into him.

 I heard my messenger ping but ignored it as I felt Daddy’s dick get hard on my ass. I wiggled against it and he pushed my leg up, forcing me to open up for him. His dick brushed over my lips and I moved forward, making it easier for him to push into my pussy.

His tip went in and he yanked my hips back as he shoved the rest in, making me groan.

 My hand hit the laptop and I pushed it away from me as Daddy started fucking me, his dick moving in and out of me. He did little grunts as he thrust forward and his thigh smacked against mine as I moved with him. I grabbed the sheets as my tits bounced and his fingers dug into my leg. Hair fell in my face and I panted as I moaned “Daddy.” over and over again.

 My pussy was soaking wet and tight as I squeezed around his dick, trying to get as much of it as I could. Daddy went faster, ramming deep into me and my body shook as I gave in to him. I couldn’t breathe as I came hard, my pussy clenching his throbbing shaft. He gave two more rough shoves then shot his load in me.

Daddy brushed my hair out of my face and held me for a minute as we tried to calm down. He finally moved away and I felt so empty without him inside me. He kissed me on the forehead and said I could stay up late because I was his special little girl. I love my nights with Daddy.

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