Car Sex happens A LOT when guys go out clubbing without their girlfriends and they are easy prey for me, you have no idea how many men I’ve made stray.

Car Sex is like a game, one that I’m Queen of. There’s just something so exciting about taking what I want, especially when it belongs to someone else.

 I danced with Leo all night long, getting all hot and sweaty as I ground my body against his. I thought things were going great and that we’d go back to his place to fuck like rabbits. Then I threw my arms around his neck, pressing my tits on him as I asked him to take me home.

 He got all weird, said maybe some other time and wanted to exchange numbers instead. We did but I hated being rejected like that so I followed him to his car and stood in front of his door. “Why don’t you want to take me home?” I asked, not moving until I got my answer. His girlfriend lived with him and she’d kill him if she found out he wasn’t hanging out at a friend’s house.

I took a step sideways and opened the backseat door quickly so he’d be too distracted to do anything. “Well, then we’ll just have to finish things here,” I said and reached under my skirt so I could pull down my panties getting ready for Car Sex He looked around the parking lot as they fell to my ankles and I shoved my skirt up to my hips, showing him my smooth pussy. I climbed back onto the back seat and spread my legs open as I leaned back on my elbow.

 I put my other hand on my pussy and stroked my lips while he whispered: “Stop, someone might see you.”

Then I smiled and told him he’d better hurry up and join me. He climbed into the car, shutting the door behind him as he leaned over me and I pushed a finger inside my pussy. I slowly pumped it in and out while he undid his zipper and pulled out his dick. He gave it a few strokes, making himself hard as he watched me finger myself.

I got wetter then reached for him, pulling him down on me as he lined his dick up. He pushed into me with a groan and I wrapped a leg around him, holding him close as he went in deep. He breathed on my neck as he started fucking me. His ass moving up and down as his dick rubbed my pussy walls. I grabbed at his shirt, bunching it up in my hands as I rocked with him.

 My pussy throbbed around him and I moaned as I told him to fuck me harder. He went faster, making my ass slip on the seat as I shook under him. I felt so wet and squishy as he moved in and out of me and my nipples were aching little points. He got rougher and I lifted my hips, my clit sends tingles through me. I let out a little cry as I tensed up and suddenly came, my body curling around his.

He gave a few more thrusts then shot his load in me.

 He pulled out of me and sighed as he shoved his dick back into his jeans. Then he pushed off me and I sat up, wondering if I was leaking cum on the seat. Oh well, his problem, not mine. I shifted past him as I tugged my skirt down and opened the door. “I’ll be here again on Saturday,” I told him and went to my car while he got himself ready to go home to the girlfriend.

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