So you are looking for nifty sex stories? Well, baby, I am one phone sex operator that has got your back. Okay, we are going to play a little game. I know you like games because we play all the time. However, this time it is going to be something new. It is called ‘Cock Hero’ and I want to see if you are up to the challenge! After all, it is a type of guided masturbation call. Who ever would want to turn down that kind of game, I might even join in myself!

Nifty Sex Stories That Require A Cum Filled Finish!

Alright, baby, it is time for you to pick a track. It does not have to be anything fancy really. I want a song with all kinds different beats. Fuck it, I am going to pick this surprise for you. How long do you think you will be able to last? Then, we are going to add some porn to the background. I want you to be throbbing so hard it is hard for you to even hold on. Finally, watch the stroke tempo on the screen and listen to my hypnotizing voice.

For Any Stiff Rod, This Would Be Quiet The Challenge!

Start stroking! Follow the tempo. Start to become completely turned on by the porn that is playing on the screen. I know exactly what to whisper into your ear as you are getting up too! We are only at the beginning and I am so turned on. Is it getting faster on you baby? I know that as we edge with all of this it is going to get harder to hold your load. But remember to be my nifty sex stories ‘Cock Hero’ you cannot cum until I say so!

Guided Masturbation


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