Not everyone has such nifty sex stories to tell, but you found me, you lucky,  lucky boy.

Obviously, you know how much I love telling you my little nifty sex stories.  Last week, I started telling you yet another naughty sex story about my fuckation, and you have been waiting so patiently, so read on and be ready to be titillated…

As my feet hit the water I glanced back and saw him running after me, with a sort of frustrated smile on his face. He was gaining on me fast as my legs moved sluggishly through the water. Finally, he reached me and his arms wrapped around my naked wet body and he took me down dragging me under.

We resurfaced and I grabbed the waistband of his trunks and pulled him further into the ocean until we were up to our bellies in salty sea water. I pressed my body against his and lowered his shorts freeing his steely cock. He gasped as my hands felt the great length. Waves began to crash over us and I hopped up wrapping my arms and legs around his muscled torso. Slick with anticipation my pussy easily slid down his dick engulfing it into my slippery warm cunt folds.

The combination of cold water and his hot cock was magic.

Waves continued to crash over us and with each cool salty rush of water, our climax grew closer. His body shuddered and I could tell he was on the precipice.  A wave came down on us knocking us over and under the water again. I reached out and grabbed his cock beneath the surface and he began cumming violently. I could feel his hot cum hitting my wrist before being consumed by the chilly, briny sea water. Then, without a word, he resurfaced with a smile on his face and walked back towards the beach. He wouldn’t be bothering me about covering myself up anymore….

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