The house next door has been empty for ages!

Someone bought it and fixed it up to rent it out but the for rent sign was up for so long that I never really expected to get a new next door neighbor. But then, as I was doing my yoga this morning, I hear a car outside. I glance out and see a moving truck. Really? Finally? I sit there peeking out for a few minutes, watching and see a gorgeous redhead starting to move boxes. I saw her looking around like she is waiting for something, getting more and more agitated.

After a heartbeat, I tightened my ponytail and slipped outside and around the truck. My greeting took her by surprise, but then she laughed and I think my panties got wet. She had this husky chuckle that was soo damn sexy! She told me that her brother was meeting her here to help her but that she made a great time so it would be another hour and a half before he showed up. I laughed and told her that I could help her with some things.

Carrying boxes was well worth the view I got of her yoga pants encased ass walking up the stairs in front of me while she showed me where to put the boxes down in her room.

Looking around, trying not to stare at her, I remarked how changed the house was from the last owner. Just as I turned around to ask a question, she was coming over to me to show me how great the closet was and we bumped into each other. Full body contact. Her luscious tits pressed into mine and I felt her hand brush my wet crotch. My face ten shades of red, got even redder when she chuckled and remarked on how wet I was. As if it had a mind of its own, my hand reached out and held her open palm against my throbbing hot pussy.

Before I had a chance to consider that she may shout down the neighborhood talking about the crazy bitch next door, her hand started to move. Fingers massaging, pushing the material between my lips to caress my swollen clit. My lips opened on a quiet moan and she pressed hers to mine. It wasn’t very much longer that I was spread out on the floor of the house next door, pressing my pussy against hers while we made out. (God I love scissoring!) Grinding against each other made me so hot that I came right then and there.

After that it was no time before I had her on her back. I had a mouth full of pussy and I ate it until she came. I think that was quite a good welcome for my new next door neighbor! Damn! That was just the morning! I wonder what the rest of the day will bring in terms of fodder for my Sex Stories! Maybe more for some lesbian phone sex calls!