New Year’s Celebration should be very interesting this year

My friend Aubrey and I are planning our New Year’s Celebration and if all goes as planned it should be very interesting. Aubrey and I are very similar in many ways. Two like-minded girls who love to have fun. Every year we plan something different for New Year’s, and this year we are going all out.

We’ve found the perfect venue to host the ultimate New Year’s Celebration. The place that we found holds up to one thousand people. Needless to say, we are planning a huge party. The guest list is only a few hundred people, but we need the extra space to set up all of our special booths. This party will be epic.

As long as everyone participates, it will be a night to remember.

Aubrey and I will have this brilliant idea to have a sex party for New Year’s. Of course, it sounds pretty basic at first, but the details are super juicy. There will be multiple booths for multiple fetishes. If anyone has an ass fetish, there will be a booth for that. For those with foot fetish, there will be a booth for that. We will even have room setups for amateur porn. For those who have always wanted to star in their own film, they will have a chance at our awesome New Year’s celebration.

As for me, I plan to enjoy myself with all of our sexy friends, and their friends. My hopes for ending the night are that I get drilled by big black cock, while a blonde and ginger come together licking my pussy as I’m getting pounded. I want a guy on my left tit, a girl on the right. I want someone licking and sucking my neck and nibbling on my ear. When my big black bull flips me over for doggy style, I want a guy licking my ass while my pussy gets rammed. All of this, while I’ve got two sweet pussies laying in front of me and I take turns licking them both.

Aubrey’s pussy will be the first one that I lick.

She and I have been friends forever and we have never messed around before. We talked about it but never acted on it. We both agreed that we were way too close of friends to risk ruining it with sex and complications. Although we had that conversation, it didn’t lessen the fact that I had a strong hunger for her pussy. She would wear these tight shorts when she would sleep over my place,  slept at hers. Those shorts fit her perfectly. They showed her sexy pussy print and made me want it. I’ll always believe she did it on her purpose. Just like always wore a tight tank top with no bra. I knew she wanted my tits in her mouth. She had a way of showing it. So we both pretty much teased each other for a long time. This New Year’s party would be the end of the teasing.

I told her about the way I pictured my perfect ending for the night. She was on board for the same type of action. The part that I didn’t tell her immediately, was that I would be licking her pussy before I even laid a finger on anyone else. Once I saw how excited she was about the overall plan, I decided to fill her in on that one missing detail. The minute I finished my sentenced, Aubrey smiled at me and stood up directly in front of me.

She started stripping in front of me leaned over to kiss me.

As we made out, she started stripping me. She made her way down my chest with sweet kisses and started caressing and sucking on my tits. I reached down and played with her pussy while my nipples got harder and harder. Things got so hot and heavy we forgot all about our party planning.

We made our way from the living room to the bedroom, and from the bedroom to the shower. We spent ours licking, kissing, caressing each other, and making each other cum. Before the night was over we had forgotten all about all little “no sex” pact and started what became a routine thing. This preview for our party was better than I could’ve imagined. From that moment I knew, our New Year’s Celebration would be one to remember.

Give me a call and tell me all about your hot rendezvous. Let’s plan our own private phone sex party!