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Tonight is going out with a bang. Literally in more ways than one. I am so horny and at this party. My pussy cannot stop dripping. I find a room and quickly hop on to the bed, stripping off my short ass dress. I am only in my heels and panties. Fuck, I really need some new year sex. I reach down and start finger banging my pussy right on this stranger’s bed. My pussy wants and needs to cum so badly. I can barely wait till the ball drops.

Then, the door opens and I am not stopping for a second. Four guys with drinks in their hands are screaming, “Fuck yeah, this is awesome, want some company?” They do not even wait for my answer, instead, they cum right in, and take their clothes off. The only words I can get out of my mouth are, “Fuck me.”

I so do not even have to say much more before they are offering up their cocks for my pleasure.

Each one is taking a turn at my mouth. They are giving me the New Year Sex I am so badly craving. Their cocks are pounding my face, each sharing my tongue. I spread my legs and they are taking off my panties. This first dick slips right inside of my soft tight pussy hole. He slams himself all the way inside of me. Fuck, he feels so fucking good. “My asshole, please fuck my asshole.” One of the guys gives his turn of my mouth up and listens to my demands. His cock quickly finds its way to my pink puckered shit pipe. These cocks are so giving me the best fucking of the year. They show my holes no mercy as they yank me back and forth up all of their girth and down it, splitting my holes open. “Harder, fuck me so much harder please!”

I am crying out for more as my pussy is cumming uncontrollably.

We are attracting others as they come inside our secret little club. What is hot about this New Year Sex is that we are making more fireworks than what is actually going on outside. There are cum loads spraying on me and in me, coating my insides in this sticky cream. It feels so fucking good! Fuck the fireworks. I am so more than happy to make our own firework show happen right here, right now!

New Year Sex is the only way to welcome in the new year so that you do not have any bad luck. I suggest that everyone gets a good fuck in before it is too late! But if that is not possible at least a good load out of those balls. Like some hot guided masturbation sex should do the trick.

You for sure do not want to take last year’s load into this one.


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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke