The holidays are a wonderful time of year. Families getting together to celebrate in so many ways. Parties with family and/or friends that are off the chain. My favorite thing about the holidays is New Year Debauchery. Finding the dirtiest of parties to attend and enjoy. This year, I have found a huge party at a fancy hotel with some sexy people and I am rocking it!

With my family, the holidays are a chance to create a new Incest Sex Story. Since we all come together to celebrate the season, it also means we are fucking like bunnies when we are together. Therefore, we all are loving this time of year. Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, huge amounts of relatives, all hanging out and having lots of sexual fun.

Then there is my New Year Debauchery every year.

I make sure to find the best parties to attend so that I am getting laid non-stop the entire season. Men, women, and more, as long as my slutty body is getting its share, I am a happy hot teen. Most parties during this time of year are even nastier because everyone is getting super drunk celebrating or trying to forget their loser lives. For me, it all about the fun of new year’s debauchery.

Getting my fill of all that nasty, dirty sexual play. My life is fucking amazing and I am not always partaking in the drinking or other substance fun. Sometimes it is about remembering how far I am going in the naughty play. Remembering their faces, bodies, beautiful pussies, or big, hard cocks. I am loving all those people and interacting with them is fun.

Eating my fill of cream pies is so much fun. I like remembering what they taste like and how much they are enjoying my willingness to clean them up. Then there are the orgies in the main ballrooms.

Feeling so many hands all over my body as they are exploring me is erotic.

Then, doing the same for another party goes is awesome! Seeing the pleasure on their faces as we are exploring their body, using our hands, lips, tongues, and other body parts is wildly satisfying. What a rush baby! My tight teen pussy is tingling with the thoughts of all the fun. I am only attending parties that have this kind of activity. There is no need to attend board game parties that are lame.

New year debauchery involves planning out the holiday and knowing the people that are throwing the parties. I know the lengths they are willing to go in meeting their desires and pleasures. When they are naughty too, they are doing whatever it takes to ensure the raunchiest of events are taking place. They are my kind of peeps!

When I was younger, it was harder to find my kind of party.

I have a sexual advantage because my family is living an incest life. Kids my age have no clue. They have never sucked their grandpa’s cock or let their granny finger bang them. It is sad to think they are missing out on all that dirty fun! I am loving this lifestyle, fucking some sexy mother fuckers. The guests at these parties are experienced pervs.

Of course, I am doing my duty to share my knowledge with my peers. The guys from school are loving my naughty lessons. Some of them are even asking to be more involved with me and my family. Hey, the more the merrier they say! I also love sharing all the details with my hot teen phone sex. Not everyone is as lucky as me, getting to live this incest lifestyle. When they are asking to learn more, I am happy to bring them over to play.

I am told, sharing is caring!

It is fun watching the friends I bring along to events. Their parents have been sheltering them and keeping them from all the fun. My goal is to expose them to my world. Bringing them to play with our family or with me for new year debauchery is giving them pure pleasure. My friend Alice was a virgin until last year’s parties. One event was requesting virgins.

Alice spoke up and became the favorite party guest. The men caressing and handling her gently, the women guiding her so she was comfortable. The night was amazing and so hot! She is now my “ride or dies” bestie for all new year’s debauchery. Are you are getting turned on and want the actual detail? Pick up that fucking phone and call me now!

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