My new boyfriend is kind of an adventuresome lover and I got an idea after I was looking around on a new sex shop online and I saw some cool new sex toy. He’s always been going on about how he’d like to try anal and something a bit new, so I thought, well, I think when he mentioned that he was thinking of giving it to ME up the ass, but won’t he be surprised when he sees the new 8 inch strap on I got to use on him!

A few days later the box arrived and when he came home from work I was standing in the living room wearing a corset and the strap on and stockings and heels. His jaw literally dropped. I said, “On your knees, bitch”, and he quickly got undressed and got on all fours like a good boy. His dick was hard before he even was fully undressed. He was rubbing it and I could see the head was slick with pre cum as I lubed up the dildo on the strap on and got on my knees behind him and spread his ass cheeks and slowly started to guide it in. He tensed up a little as I was easing it in, but quickly relaxed and took in its full length as I thrust in and out of him.

I knew my sex toy was getting closer because of his breathing, and I sped up my thrusts as he did his hand on his cock motions and with one groan he shot his load on the hardwood floor underneath. I made him lick it up, and he relished every drop. My own little fag. He always liked me to take charge, but this had just brought things to a whole new level. I like it.


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