My New Pleasure Chair Has Found Its Home In My House

My most prized possession was found at an estate sale and has since become the most used Pleasure chair in the house! Being as high strung as I am sexually and with my husband being home away on business trips I went out and bought myself a new toy. It is a plush leather chair with a dildo attached firmly to it ( see pic above hehe). That chair has gotten go much use already and I don’t mean just with me.

Sometimes in the morning when I wake up I am so horny so I sit on this chair and grind away til I’m cumming as I’ve never cum before. Sometimes I have even used it on my boyfriends when my husband is gone. I make them sit on it backward and take the cock firmly up their pretty little asses. Most everyone loves my chair of pleasures.

Once after taking a shower I even walked in to find my husband with his back to me using the chair to please himself too. I would never have thought that he would ever use it.

My chair has a special place hidden in my closet and is taken out only when needed. I even named it Brad so that when I knew I was going to have fun with it I would just say,”Brad and I have a date”. I’d then get dressed all sexy in my sexiest black nightie with my soft satiny black panties and take “Brad” out of the closet.

I’d lube him up real well and slowly sit down on him and feel his cock go way deep inside of me.

Riding it harder and faster “Brad” never got tired. He was always “up” and ready for action no matter how bad of a day he may have had. “Brad” was always in the mood and never once did he tell me he had a “headache”.

“Brad” is now my favorite number 1 guy and after a few time alone with “Brad” he will be yours too!

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