Isn’t it fun when a new neighbor moves in?

My neighbor is very hot.  He’s young, muscular, and very good looking.  The tall, dark and handsome kind of guy.

But she can’t keep her eyes off the neighbor when he’s outside working in his garden.  Or when he washes his truck in the driveway.  And even watches him take out his trash.

She strategically picks the day to bake cookies and welcome the new neighbor to the neighborhood.  The older woman takes time and thought as to what to wear.  She chooses jean shorts and a simple white tank top with a cute pair of camo panties.  She has seen him coming home from hunting, so he might like the camo panties.

When she knocks on the door, she feels wetness in those camo panties.  And looking down, she notices her nipples are just as hard as can be.  She chooses to not wear a bra just so her nipples would do exactly what they are doing.

The door opens and there he stands before her, in all his slender.  He’s almost naked, just wearing a camo speed o.

We introduce ourselves and he invites her in for coffee.

We go to the kitchen and the fun begins.  He pours coffee and gets a plate for the cookies.  She takes a cookie to her mouth and licks it as he watches her.  He walks over to her and licks the same cookie.  And then their mouths meet and they kiss.

He brings his hand to her breast and she moves her hand to his cock.  Oh my, she has hit the jackpot.  She takes her hand and pulls on his speed o until his cock pops out, and pulls it down around his balls.  The older woman can’t help but bend and kiss his cock on the head.  Just to introduce herself.

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