Never Piss Off Your Mistress

I have always had a thing for married men and being a secret mistress.  I just hate when the guys decide to turn and think I wont get even.  Call it black mail, call it revenge, I call it never pissing off your mistress.  Its just not the smartest thing to do.  We have the control, we have the power, and we have everything it takes to bring your happy world crashing down.  Maybe I’m the evil mistress, but I’m sure as hell the one you will ever forget!

My time playing the party of “the mistress” was when I had just turned eighteen.  He was the boss at my job and loved to go around talking about how happily marries he was.  The way he looked at my ass and tits told a totally different story.  It became a challenge for me to win him.  It really wasn’t even hard to seduce him.  I wore some slutty outfits, laughed at his jokes, and made him feel like the most important man n the world.  I basically made him see what his long term marriage was missing all those years.

After I had him under my love spell, he was like my little fuck puppet.  I would fuck him in his office, in his car, even got him to take me to him house when his wife was out of town where he fucked me in their bed.  It was so exciting and fun!  Being the other woman turned me on in ways I had never imagined.  But like all good things, they have to come to an end.  Most guys down fall for the mistress forever.  However this mistress had a evil streak he never saw coming.

I remember the day he tried to break things off.  He told me he was having second thoughts about our relationship and that he felt it was best if I thought about leaving the company.  Oh No!  Not only was i not leaving, but I was going to get a raise.  I knew he would hate it if his wife and kids found about the young blond office slut daddy had been fucking for months.  Was sure his wife would hate to see the texts and pictures we sent back and forth.  I surely knew she would fucking hate to hear from that slut what the inside of her some and bedroom looked like.  I had him right where I needed him.  Wasn’t going anywhere until I was good and ready.

Never piss off your mistress!

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