Ever since you and your wife had kids she’s less inclined to sex, at first it was because of the baby but then she went back to work. You hired me to take care of the house and the kids and i’m the perfect nanny but….

You can’t help but notice how my blue jeans hug my ass or how young and perky my tits are and you can’t help noticing the way I looked at you when i’ve got my mouth wrapped around the ice cream cone, or how my tongue runs over it to lick up every drop of creamy goodness. You’ve been noticing the little things like the bottom I leave undone and how when I bend you can see that i’m not wearing a bra. Yesterday when you got home I was reaching for something on-top of the fridge and that impossibly short skirt rode up, I didn’t have any panties on….

It always makes you really hot and when your wifes asleep you can’t help but stroke that rock hard cock to the thought of my nice tight young pussy.  You get up and walk past the guest room i’ve been staying in and hear my faint little moans, they drive you wild with desire so you finally give in and open that door….

What will you do to your hot little nanny?



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