“Netflix and Chill?”, Tony texted me, and I immediately knew what that meant. It was cold on Friday night so I put on a pair of comfortable leggings, and a tee and ran out the door to his place. As I was driving there the anticipation grew more, and I just couldn’t wait to have his big thick cock in my mouth. I rang his doorbell and he answered in just his boxers, and let me right in. We went straight to his room, where he had quite a nice set up, he had even lit up some candles. I laid on his bed and started looking for a movie on Netflix, obviously for background noise. I ended up playing the newest Transformers movie, while he was getting something from the kitchen. 
He laid right next to me and we cuddled up for a bit, watching at least the first five minutes of the movie, and then that’s when it all really started to heat up. He ran his hands down my thighs and started rubbing my pussy over my leggings. He looked at me and started kissing me, very passionately just like he knows how. There’s always been something about Tony, even though we are pretty vanilla when we fuck, he just knows how to satisfy my every need.

“I want to taste you” he whispered in my ear. We awkwardly took all our clothes off, but we were shy about being naked in front of each other. He started playing with my pussy some more. Really taking his time pressing on my clit and sliding his fingers inside me till I was moaning just a bit loader than the movie that was playing. That’s when I couldn’t take it anymore and I straddled him, kissed him, and then hoped onto his face for a ride. He slid his tongue inside my now wet pussy, and I had no choice but to grind my hips back and forth. I reached and started stroking his cock as he ate my pussy out. His cock was dripping with precum and I enjoyed licking every single drop.

It was not time for Tony to take control, that’s when he bent me over and just pushed his cock inside me. He pounded my pussy hard and deep and I loved every second of it. He made me cum hard on his cock as me reached around my pussy and played with my clit with one hand and pinched my nipples with the other. I loved it! I always loved fucking Tony! When I knew he was about to cum, I laid on my back and he laid right on top of me. I put my legs up on his shoulder and he once again fucked me, deep, and this time he kissed me. As my pussy tighten he filled me up with his warm creamy load, and with the last few pumps of his sensitive cock I came.

After I licked him clean, we watched the end of Transformers. Netflix & Tony is really all I need on a cold rainy day!


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