Netflix and chill

This Covid 19 quarantine has changed dating dramatically. Now it’s not going out to dinner and dancing or having drinks at a bar. It is basically Netflix and Chill. Order in and hang out for a while then usually watch TV or a movie. So one night I had a stay in date with Dawn.

“You know, I realized we can watch a disc-like the one we viewed on my computer right here in the living room.  Want to try that?”

“Oh yes, I’d love that.”

“OK, be right back.”  I went upstairs and got a disc and came back down and popped it into the DVD player in the living room.  It started playing images on the TV in an automatic slide show.  The hot scenes looked great.

Dawn and I settled on the couch and snuggled up close.  It felt really good to be back together.  She took off her sandals and I doffed my sneakers and socks.

“Oh, David,” she sighed as she put her head on my shoulder.  I put my arm around her.  We watched a number of sensual images come on, then be replaced by others just as luscious.

Netflix and chill
Netflix and chill

Dawn nestled her left breast into me and I reached around her and started touching her right breast through her tank-top.  She turned her face up toward me and we kissed, our tongues slithering around each other.

She reached her hand under my t-shirt and ran it over my chest hair.  I had a finger on her right nipple, twirling the tip around and getting it to stand at attention.

 She moaned softly.

I kept at it, occasionally rubbing her swollen areola with a circular motion.

Suddenly Dawn shuddered.  She had come just from my attention to her breast.  She looked up at me with those green eyes just readable in the dim light coming from the TV and I could see the bliss she was feeling.

Netflix and chill
Netflix and chill

She transferred her hand down my front to my groin and squeezed my now-hard cock through my shorts.  We pulled her top off.

I commenced to lick and suck her nipples, even sucking a full mouthful of breast into my mouth like a vacuum.  Staying with that for a while, while she unzipped and unbuttoned my shorts, she soon shook with another orgasm.

She slid my shorts down,

then my boxers and jock, and I kicked all of those clothes off.  Dawn fondled my dick and balls, sometimes with both hands.

My t-shirt was removed and I helped her wriggle out of her gym shorts, though she didn’t want to relinquish her hold on my dick.  So now we were both naked since again she had no undies beneath her shorts.

My left hand found her moist twat while my right had her chest under its influence. As soon as I touched her labia and found her clit, she gasped and came again.

Netflix and chill
Netflix and chill

She bent her head down toward my lap and started kissing, then swallowing my cock.  She sucked me for a few minutes as I fingered her.

Then she lay back along the length of the couch and I got on top of her and she guided my boner into her waiting snatch.

It was so electric, pushing my length all the way up her snug tunnel, then pulling it almost all the way out, then thrusting it all the way home again.  Dawn was moaning the whole time, which only served to keep me rock hard, and she tweaked her own nipples.

“David, put it in my ass, too!”

I grabbed the goo tube and lubed her ass, moving a finger around her hole, then working it inside.  Now she lifted a bit and I put the head of my cock up to her anus, then pushed it in all the way.

We stayed like that, with me working the head in about an inch and then out again, over and over, which drove her farther and farther into delirium.  Finally, I pushed deep inside and then all the way to my balls.

Now we established a sweet rhythm.  Dawn moaned and came multiple times as I fucked her tight ass, in and out, filling it completely.

She lubed her fingers, reached around my butt, and started finger-fucking my ass.  Next, I started alternating between her pussy and ass, a few thrusts in one followed by a few in the other.  I eventually came buckets and we rested in each other’s arms.

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Netflix and chill
Netflix and chill

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