My naughty nephew loves to shower his Auntie with gifts, flowers, and his fat juicy cock.

I came home tonight from work to a bouquet of tiger lillies and peonies and a beautiful emerald bracelet from my nephew. I opened the card in the flowers and read his words “Stunning green stones to match your stunning green eyes. You are a bad bad auntie in the best way possible! You deserve everything I give you and more”. My hands were already gathering my skirt, lifting it as I slid down to recline on the sofa. My fingers finding my swollen clit. A moan escaped my cherry lips just thinking of his tongue laving my wet snatch.

After a moment of exploring the topography of my soaking snatch, I bring my fingers to my mouth to taste the juicy arousal he’s brought me to. Wet fingers in my mouth, I see from the corner of my eye a shadow in the hallway, back lit by the light from my bedroom behind him. After reading his card and being slammed with wet hot desire so fast, it didn’t even occur to me that he could be waiting for me.

He knelt between my already open thighs and slid only the tip of his dick inside my throbbing cunt.

As he slid further in. I cried out my pleasure at the feeling of his big thick cock, rocking my body. My moan turned into a scream as he said “I love fucking my bad auntie because she feels so good”. He gathers me tighter as I continue to shudder through my orgasm, clawing his back and screaming his name.  Once he’s calmed me, he backs out of me and heads south. He was finally tonguing my clit to make me cum again.

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