I was instantly wet because I knew that my nephew makes Aunt CUM

My young nephew loves to come over to Aunt Genie’s house because I give him that special attention that a growing boy with a growing COCK needs. My Nephew makes Aunt CUM. His mom and dad have very stressful jobs and travel quite a bit but my brother trusts his baby sister, me, with his son. He thinks I’m a good influence on him. Oh if he only knew. A couple of weeks ago my brother and his wife went on a 10-day cruise and asked me to take care of ZACK, my nephew.

They are clueless to the fact that Zach likes to throw Aunt Genie on her back and get on top of me. So, of course, I said “Yes” to the opportunity to be alone with my sexy nephew for ten whole days. Zack and I dropped his parents off at the pier and waved good-bye as the cruise ship pulled off to the ocean blue.

On the ride back to Auntie’s house ZACK unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock in the car on the freeway. It was so hot. I reached my hand over to stroke it for him but I had to get my mouth around the head of that tasty looking cock so I pulled over to the side of the road and swallowed his cock and sucked him off until he came in my mouth. When we got to my house his cock was hard again and we went after each other like animals. I ripped open my blouse and he started sucking my tits.

As he unzipped my skirt I unzipped his pants and felt his hard throbbing cock rubbing against my clit.

He grabbed my hips and threw my body on the sofa and plunged his cock deep into my pussy. I pumped my hips back and forth so the cock goes deeper in. He was fucking me so good and hard and he wanted to cum right away but I slowed my body down and made him take his time and whispered…”Don’t rush young buck….take your time….slow down…..don’t cum until I tell you. Oh yes, My Nephew makes Aunt Genie CUM.

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