I caught my nephew wearing my panties!!

My nephew, Anthony, came to stay with me for the summer. He had gotten into a pretty big fight with his dad and needed to get away. We weren’t that close but I guess when it comes to things like that a teenager will do whatever it takes to get out of the house. I totally get it too. When I was his age I couldn’t wait to get out of my parent’s house. So when he called me to ask if he could come and stay with me for a month or so I told him it would be fine.

Normally I worked Monday through Friday until around 5:00. That was how it was the first week my nephew was there. I talked to my boss and made arrangements to get off earlier each day so he wasn’t by himself too much. I guess Anthony was expecting me home after 5:00 because when I came into the house I found him in my bedroom with a pair of my panties on! So….my nephew was a little panty boy?!?!

This was going to be fun!

I yelled at him asking why he thought it was okay for him to be in my stuff and wearing my panties. He stammered out bull shit answers as I expected. I didn’t expect him to admit to me that he liked the feeling of my panties on his dick. But I was going to get him to say it!

I snapped a picture of him really quick with my phone. The look on his face was priceless! I explained that if he didn’t want me to call tell his parents what he was doing he had to do exactly what I said. He begged me not to tell. Almost in tears he said he would do anything I say as long as I keep his secret.

I told him that if he wanted to wear my panties like a little bitch I was going to show him exactly what it was like to be a panty-wearing bitch!

I asked him if he liked the feeling of my silky panties on his little dick. The way my nephew quickly looked down told me his answer before he even opened his mouth. I started to wonder how long he had been doing this but in the end it didn’t make much of a difference. At this very moment my nephew, the sissy bitch panty boy was going to learn what happens when a mistress catches them in her things!

What do you think his punishment was? I can’t wait to tell you! Part two of my sexy blog will be coming soon! Stay tuned to find out the fate of my perverted little nephew!!! But until then, if you are a panty wearing sissy, call me! I want to tease the fucking shit out of you for it! HAHAHA

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