Polyamorous playtime.

Treating my neighbor’s wife to some polyamorous playtime turned me on. For years the urges had been there for that poor soul. And as a result, my neighbor’s wife came to me for a shoulder to cry on, and a therapy session that changed her future forever. That kinky housewife side of Roxy came out and put her on a path of intimate relationships with multiple partners.

She was so intrigued by the thought of finally being able to feel fulfilled.  She loved her husband but needed more. Lucky for my neighbor’s wife, he himself had a desire to watch her be pleasured.  And Roxy’s plan was set into action, creating the perfect path for her to travel.  Satisfying her sensuality and completing his craving for being cuckolded.

The first encounter I set for the polyamorous playtime was so much fun.  Needing it to be with meaningful people she desired, I granted her wish.  And since Roxy’s favorite way of doing things is in three’s, three hot hunks she lusted for was brought before her. An ex-boyfriend, an old high school teacher, as well as her husband’s co-worker. They were all more than happy to oblige my intimate request. And being the perverted voyeur I am, I wasn’t about to leave until I watched.

With the husband on the left sitting in a chair, he stroked his cock excitedly waiting for the games to begin. The wife who was the center of attention was slowly stripped out of her clothing enjoying each erotic move. While the men kissed and petted her, her anticipation leads to her loud moans of pleasure. I just couldn’t resist the urge to reach into my bag and grab my vibrating bullet.

Love Games

Slowly and sensually they each took their turn with her. While the husband sat edging, encouraging them to keep going. With her ex-boyfriend kissing her and her husband’s co-worker face buried in between her legs she arched her back begging for more. The teacher eagerly awaiting his turn stroked himself, desire written all over his face. And as they each took her, filling her with their seeds of passion, she reciprocated it by allowing her body to orgasm over and over again.

And when the playtime was over she laid in puddles of cum craving for the next encounter. I glanced at her husband and he just smiled. His hands glistening with his own cum, a sign of utter satisfaction. Then he said, ‘thank you, Roxy, I’ve never cum so hard’.  And that is how my neighbor’s wife’s new polyamorous triangle began.

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