New Neighbors: A Dream Cum True For An Exhibitionist

Dirty little exhibitionist that I am, my mind started forming a plan to make us BOTH happier with our new living situation! Seriously, what a SUPER-cunt! I’ve had NO neighbors in the house across the street for the past 2 years, so I am used to QUIET. This bitch is SO noisy while I’m trying to work that I want to go outside and shove her down and rub her face in the mud! But, that’s a blog for another time. 🙂 Honestly though, all she does is gossip away on her cell phone at the top of her voice outside, and scream at her husband and kids.

I can tell she’s younger than me, but she certainly doesn’t look it! Haggard is the word that comes to mind. Possibly used up? That’s a good descriptive term for her as well. She looks like a prematurely-aged harpie, and ACTS like one too! I feel sorry for her husband, who is young, SUPER hot, and wears this look of misery on his face 24/7. I also feel sorry for ME, for having to put up with her.


As I mentioned, it’s been YEARS since I had to worry about closing my blinds or being more careful to NOT walk around half-naked or naked.

So quite frequently I catch myself walking past my HUGE picture window in the living room in just my panties. It faces their house directly, so if someone happens to be in their living room or on the front deck, they can see directly into my window!

I’d been biding my time – carefully waiting for the moment when Mr. Hottie Husband was home and Mrs. Bitchy Bitcherson was NOT. Finally! Yesterday, the time came! She loaded up their tots into the back of the car and drove off to run some presumably mundane wife-like errands. Meanwhile, the hot, available slut next door was dressed in her “You WILL touch your cock for me” lingerie and ready to pounce! As soon as she drove off, I could see her husband step up to the living room window.

He was drinking a beer and pretending to look around, but I’ve known ever since they moved in that he stakes out that window anytime she’s not around and just… watches me go about my day. Today was no ordinary day, however. When he stepped up to the window, I saw his eyes widen in surprise as he realized I was standing RIGHT THERE, in my sexy black lace babydoll nightie and tiny little black thongs. He took a step back, but I smiled at him and shook my head as if to say “No! Don’t leave!”

He stepped back up, and I nodded my head yes – That’s better, sexy. Don’t run away!

I took those big, perfect tits and squeezed them together, almost causing them to pop out of the nightie. I could see his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed… HARD. I smiled again as I dropped my hands to the hem of the nightie and pulled upward, revealing those tiny little lace thongs that match the nightie. I ran my hand across my stomach, and I could swear that as I looked into THEIR living room window, I could see his hands moving to unbutton his pants. … Was that beautiful, wasted specimen of a man pulling his hard cock out to jerk it as he watched me touch myself?

I could feel those panties getting wetter – letting him watch me rub through them a little first, before sliding my hand down into them. Now I could DEFINITELY see his arm moving as he tugged that dick for me! Watching as I pulled those wet panties to the side and started rubbing that exposed pussy softly… head was thrown back. I know he was imagining how my moans must sound as I played with a juicy little cunt in front of him.

Suddenly, there were headlights pulling into their driveway!

She was back!!! Already? DAMN! His hand jerked off of his cock, and I could see him adjusting his pants. I smiled, took my fingers out of my wet little pussy, and licked them off as he watched. His hand pressed up against the glass as if to say, “I wish I could come over there and taste you for myself!” I smiled, blew him a kiss… and closed the blinds.

Awwww. Maybe next time we will get to cum together! And there WILL be a next time! I know for sure that THIS slutty exhibitionist is going to be eagerly waiting for her next chance to show off in front of her sexy married neighbor again!

… maybe I will even let you call and listen! 

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